Sunday, May 2, 2010

Since Jack's surgery he has been slowly getting better. It truly is amazing how fast children bounce back.
Jack was really wobbly and dizzy, we called the Dr. and asked him about it and he had us take him off the seizure medication. We think that has made a difference in him. Then, on Thursday, I noticed that his right eye wasn't tracking right. It was wandering off to the side when he was looking at me. It has been doing it quite a bit since then as well. Tomorrow, Monday the 3rd, we are heading in to see the Dr. with Jack and my friend, his Godmother, Deirdre. It is just a routine 2 week check-up, and he will check out his eye to see what is going on. The Dr. thinks that as the cyst is collapsing the fluid is flooding his 3rd nerve and causing the eye to wander.

This past Friday, Terry went in to the Hospital for Special Surgery and FINALLY had his shoulder surgery!!!!! We LOVE HSS, it is such a nice hospital. Dr. Fealy performed Terry's surgery and did a great job. He said his rotator cuff was ok enough and didn't need surgery, but his bicep tendon was shredded and needed to be repaired, his labrum was torn bad and needed 2 screws and lanyards to fix it, and he had a bone spur that he removed. So far Terry is feeling good and just hanging out. Unfortunately it is his right shoulder and he can't move it, at all, for 2 weeks!
I'd like to thank all the people who have been making us dinner this past week. Everything has been so yummy and really a life saver. It is nice to know that your friends and people in the community are there to help you when you need it most! Such a blessing to live in a great town, filled with great people!

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